History of Thai Baseball

Baseball in Thailand started to develop when The Amateur Baseball Association of Thailand (ABAT) was officially established on January 3rd, 1992. The ABAT was sanctioned by the National Culture Commission and Sport Authority of Thailand. The association was also recognized by the Olympic Committee of Thailand as the sole organization for Thai baseball. Baseball and the ABAT were able to develop from the support of the Baseball Federation of Japan by cooperated with Minebea Group.

Thai baseball began to compete internationally in the 90's and competed in their first Asian Games in 1994. Thailand was also able to reach the final Southeast Asia qualifying game for the Atlanta Olympics. In the Southeast Asian Games, Thailand won gold in 2007 and placed third in 2011.

Baseball in Thailand is divided into three different leagues.

  • Little league is comprised of ages 9 to 12 and there are currently five local teams. we have sent Thailand Little League to join international Little League tournament every year in order to share experience and skill up our players to international level and become the national team in the future.
  • The Major League and Minor League consist of players 18 and up. There are six Major League teams which include university.
  • The Minor League comprised of ages 18 and up and there are currently 10 local teams and every year they compete for a spot in the Major league.

In addition to Bangkok, there is baseball played in other cities of Thailand,

  • Suphanburi Sports School, 24 baseball member , age range 12-18
  • Suphanburi Sports college, 15 baseball member, age range 18-22
  • Other cities , such as Chonburi, Samutprakarn and Lopburi

Qualified Baseball Umpired
Presently, we have 15 qualified baseball umpires who have been trained from Baseball Federation of Japan and Baseball Federation of Asia.

Baseball International Tournament
In order to enhance skill level of Thai baseball players , ABAT also conduct baseball tournaments on a regional and national level.

Year Contents & Activities
1992 ABAT Established
1994 Joined Asian Games in Japan
1995 The 1ST  Asian Baseball Cup, Manila, Philippines.
Thailand was the second position . 
1997 The 2nd Asian Baseball Cup ,bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand was a winner. 
1999 The 3rd  Asian Baseball Cup , in New Deli, India.
Thailand was the third position
2001 The  4th Asian Baseball Cup in 2001, was held in Jakarta, Indonesia
The 19th Asian Championship at Taipei. Thailand was the fifth position.
2002 The 5th  Asian Baseball Cup , in Bangkok, Thailand. 
2004 The 6th  Asian Baseball Cup, in Bangkok , Thailand
Thailand was a winner. 
2005 The 23th Asian Championship , Miyazaki, Japan  
2006 The  7th Asian Baseball Cup, Pakistan
2007 The 24th Asian Baseball Championship, Taichung, Chinese Taipei
Baseball World Cup, Chinese Taipei
2009 The 8th Asian Baseball cup, Bangkok,  Thailand
The 25th Asian Baseball Championship, Japan
2010 The 9th  Asian Baseball Cup Islamabad , Pakistan
2012 The 10th Asian Baseball Cup, Bangkok, Thailand
World  Baseball Classic in Taiwan 


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