Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) was set up jointly by Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JABA) and Japan Student Baseball Association (JSBA) in 1990 and represents amateur baseball in Japan.

In 1954, Industrial League (JABA) and Student Baseball (High School and College), which used to be run separately for a long time since before the World War II, jointly formed Japan Amateur Baseball Federation before they went in for the first Asian Baseball Championship in Philippines.

After having participated in 6 Asian Baseball Championships, this Federation was disbanded in 1966 and reorganized to be a liaison body called Japan Amateur Baseball International Committee in 1967.

Subsequently, baseball was selected as a demonstration sport of Olympic games in Los Angeles (1984), Seoul (1988) and finally as a regular Olympic sport for Barcelona in 1992. These developments prompted establishment of a unified body of amateur baseball and Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) was set up on June 20, 1900, and joined Japanese Olympic Committee, International Baseball Association and Baseball Federation of Asia.



Masatake Yamanaka

Vice President

Masayuki Naito

Vice President

Toyomi Munakata

Vice President

Hiroo Nobata

Executive Director

Yuji Nagakubo

BFA Members