Founded in 1979, Chinese Baseball Association is the national governing body authorized by the General Administration of Sport of China to supervise the sport of baseball in China. It is a member of the Chinese Olympic Committee and internationally a member association of International Baseball Federation (joined in 1981), a member association of Baseball Federation of Asia (joined in 1985), and a member association of PONY Baseball.

Chinese Baseball Association is responsible for the development and popularization of baseball in China from grass root level to national team. Today, there are over 100,000 students, more than 100 schools and universities started baseball programs and school level of tournaments. In professional level, there are 9 professional teams across the country, with approximately 900 professional players.

Chinese Baseball Association conducts a series of domestic Baseball Games:

  • Chinese National Game (Baseball Event, every 4 years)
  • Chinese Baseball League (annually)
  • Chinese National Tournament (annually)
  • Chinese National Championship (annually)
  • Chinese National Youth League (annually)
  • National A Tournament (annually)
  • National AA Tournament (annually)
  • National AAA Tournament (annually)

The Chinese National Baseball team main achievement in recent years:

  • 1998 First appearance in IBAF World Cup, ranked 12th
  • 2005 Asia Championship, historically first victory against Korea, ranked 3rd
  • 2008 Beijing Olympic, historically first victory against Chinese Taipei, ranked 8th
  • 2009 World Baseball Classic, second victory against Chinese Taipei



Chen Xu

Secretary General

Xie Bin

International Affairs Director

Ding Feng

BFA Members