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March 10, 2021

Tokyo Big-6 University League to start 2021 Spring Season on April 10

Tokyo Big-6 University League will start its 2021 “Spring Season” by double round-robin contest as was the case for the 2020 Autumn Season.  Maximum number of spectators will follow the governmental guidelines while the number was limited to 15,000 at the 34,000 capacity of Meiji Jingu Stadium in the last 2020 Autumn Season. Maximum 150 cheerleading squads including bandmembers for each university will participate in the bleachers.


Prior to the 2021 Spring Season, the Tokyo Big-6 and the Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JABA) will join the 48th “Big-6 vs JABA” competition at Meiji Jingu Stadium.

  April 2 (Fri)  Waseda vs JFE East Japan  Tokyo vs Toshiba

  April 3 (Sat)  Hosei vs Meiji Yasuda Life   Keio vs HONDA

  April 4 (Sun)  Meiji vs SegaSammy  Rikkyo vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industry East



Tokyo Big-6, the longest running baseball league in Japan dating back to 1925, comprises six prominent universities in Tokyo, Japan; Waseda, Keio, Meiji, Hosei, Tokyo and Rikkyo. Waseda Won Championship of Tokyo Big-6 University League’s 2020 Fall Season



(Photo: Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium in Tokyo)