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May 20, 2021

The postponement of the 2021 XV West Asia Cup

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect most Asian countries, travel restrictions are still in place, making the organization of any international events next to impossible. BFA, together with the Iran Baseball and Softball Association (IBSA) as the Local Organizing Committee and the city government host, have made the difficult decision to postpone the BFA XV West Asia Cup (WAC) to the end of September; the event was originally scheduled to be held this coming July.


In the upcoming WAC, BFA received participating intentions from eight West Asian countries. We could see how active involvement in West Asia. However, considering the situation of the Covid-19, BFA will put our baseball family's safety and health at first. Thus, the exact date of this event has yet to be decided; we will continue to monitor the situation with the pandemic and review the best timing to organize this WAC. Once the exact dates are decided, we will inform all participating teams, yet the final decision will be determined no later than the end of July. 


BFA really appreciates IBSA and all West Asian countries for their support, collaboration, and understanding. We also thank all our member participants ’ kind attention and cooperation in this matter.


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Please stay safe and healthy.