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April 23, 2020

New baseball academy to open in Sindh, Pakistan


Pakistan Baseball Federation President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah will personally donate equipment to get the academy running. The Sindh Baseball Association mourns the passing of the Province baseball team Captain Jawad Ali.

Following February's major announcement that a new baseball field will be built in Gujranwala, the Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) is ready again to announce big changes as soon as sports resume activity after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

PFB President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah revealed that the federation will establish an academy in Sindh, the northeastern province of the country. The academy will host both male and female baseball players.

Sindh Baseball Association President Mohammad Mohsin Khan acknowledged that the academy will open thanks to the personal effort of Syed Fakhar Ali Shah. The president of the Pakistan Federation Baseball will send equipment to Sindh through a personal donation.

Days before receiving the news, the Sindh Baseball Association mourned the passing of player Jawad Ali, the captain and the most experienced pitcher of the baseball team in the province. Ali died because of complications of diabetes.

Pakistan, currently ranked 27th in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings, was set to participate in the World Baseball Classic Qualifier, along with Brazil, France, Germany, Nicaragua and South Africa, prior to the event's postponement.

Pakistan's women's baseball programme is ranked 17th in the world.