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May 7, 2020

Pakistan Federation Baseball warns of potential consequences of COVID-19

PFB President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah fears that athletes may suffer from shortage of goods and has called on the Pakistani government for aid.

Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) Syed Fakhar Ali Shah has called on Prime Minister Imran Khan -- a former international cricket star -- and the Pakistani government to provide a special relief package to the nation's sports federations and for it to be expedited in order to be able to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without assistance, the PFB leader believes baseball development in Pakistan, which has passed several milestones in recent years, may be severely damaged.

In addition, leaders at the PFB are worried about the possibility that athletes will suffer because of the shortage of goods, including food and equipment.

Baseball players have been instructed by the federation to stay at home. Responding to the lockdown, PFB-certified coaches are taking steps to set-up and coordinate online training.

Pakistan, currently 27th in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings, had been invited to participate in World Baseball Classic Qualifier, which has since been postponed indefinitely.