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September 18, 2019

Pakistani President Baseball Federation Meets Federal Secretary Inter-Provincial Coordination

LAHORE, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Sep, 2019 ) :President Pakistan Federation Baseball Syed Fakhar Ali Shah met Secretary of Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination Akbar Hussain Durrani in his office in Islamabad on Tuesday and discussed matters pertaining to the further development of baseball in the country.

Syed Fakhar accompanied by Tahir Mahmood Secretary Finance, PFBB presented the Secretary IPC the performance report of Pakistan senior and juniors regarding their participation in the International Baseball Tournaments played during the current year.

Pakistan won silver medal in the 14th West Asia Baseball Cup played in Sri Lanka while Pakistan took 6th position in the 10th U-15 Asian Baseball Championship which was played in China.

The Secretary IPC praised the performance of Pak teams in international meets abroad and congratulated Fakhr Shah on Pakistan's outstanding performance.

"According to the Federal Secretary, the performance of Pakistan Federation Baseball is satisfactory and the Government will assist them in every possible way due to the best performance of the Federation," said a spokesman of the PFBB while talking to APP here.

President PFBB informed the Secretary IPC that the Pakistani team is going to participate in the 29th Asian Baseball Championship in Chinese Taipei being held from October 8, which is also the qualifying round of the Olympic 2020. Teams from Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei , China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Sri Lanka are the other participating teams of the event.

"Pakistan Federation Baseball has requested holding of the Pak teams training camp and provision of air tickets of the team to the Ministry and the Federal Secretary IPC has assured full cooperation in this regard," added the spokesman.

"President, PFBB informed the Secretary IPC that the Federation wants to start a baseball academy in collaboration with the Pakistan sports board and the Ministry of Sports at the baseball ground in Islamabad for the development of baseball in Islamabad," he asserted.

Pakistan's women's baseball team is also participating in the second Asian women's baseball championship being played in China from November 9, Syed Fakhr Shah said. In this regard, the camp of Pakistan Women's Baseball team will be set up at Lahore College for Women University. The Federal Secretary will visit the camp to review the performance of the players.

"Pakistani teams have also been invited to the U-12 and U-18 Asian Baseball Championships to be played next year, keeping in view the performance of Pakistan Federation Baseball. The Ministry has assured the Government's Cooperation for Youth Baseball Development," he said.

Syed Fakhr Ali Shah also thanked Federal Secretary IPC and Federal Minister for Sports Fahmida Mirza for their cooperation to setup the Training Camp of Pakistan Baseball Team in Islamabad for the participation in West Asia Baseball Cup 2019 Sri Lanka.