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May 6, 2020

CPBL Reopens With 1000 Fans Per Game

After one month of playing baseball in the empty stadiums, the Taiwanese baseball fans will be able to attend the CPBL games starting May 8.

The Taiwan CDC initially gave the league the green light to reopen its game with a limit of 250 fans per game on May 2. However, the CPBL decided to press for more and resubmitted a new proposal for 1000 fans per game.

On May 5, the CDC gave a new recommendation of 1000 fans per game to the CPBL. Should the league and the teams able to meet the CDC guidelines, they will be able to reopen its games to the public with 1000 fans.

Notes: The 1000 fans limit is only a recommendation by the CDC at this stage, still required the final approval by the CDC. We will update this blog post as the story develops.

According to the CPBL commissioner, the league will comply with the CDC recommendations by implementing the following policies on May 8.

All ticket holders will need to provide their real name.

Fans must practice social distancing at the games.

Fans have to wear a mask at the games.

League will have temperature screening devices at the gate.


(Photo: CTBC Brothers players after winning a guest game in Taoyuan May 1.)