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September 24, 2013

Coaches from Nepal Brush UP Skills

By Baseball Federation of Japan

Two coaches from Nepal, Iswor Thapa and Nawaraj Bujel, visited the 23rd World Children’s Baseball Fair (WCBF) in Fukui, Japan in August, 2013 to observe and learn the ways from IBAF coaches.  More than 200 boys and girls aged 10 to 11 from 20 countries including Australia, Cameroon, Brazil, Canada, Bhutan, China, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Russia and Thailand participated in baseball clinics and cultural exchanges.

Both coaches from Nepal were grateful to WCBF and in particular the host, Club Laligurans, a Japanese NPO to promote baseball in Nepal, for the invitation and opportunities of getting in depth knowledge how to teach baseball from zero level.

Their studies in Japan included among others: warming up (stretching, jogging. etc.), catch ball (how to catch, throw, move feet and shoulder), batting (how to grab bat and watch ball), base running and sliding, fielding (how to catch fly ball and grounder), pitching, and how to teach rules (using kick-baseball).

They also visited Kleenex Stadium Miyagi in Sendai and observed the training facilities and practice of professional team, Rakuten Eagles.