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August 13, 2020

Korea: KBO begins admitting fans up to 25% of stadium capacity

The Ministry of Sports gave the go-ahead for a 30% capacity, but the league decided to keep at least one open seat between fans

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) boosted its stadium capacity policy to 25% per cent on Tuesday, 11 August, upgrading the limit from the previous 10% fan-limit. The change means KBO attendance can range between 4,000 and 6,000 fans per game.

Korea's Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Culture had given the go-ahead for the league to bring back up to 30% of the fans, but KBO decided to keep the level to 25%, in order to be able to maintain a distance of at least one empty seat from each other, at each venue.

"KBO and the 10 clubs welcome the government's decision to expand audiences and express their deep gratitude to the crowds for maturely handling the inconvenience and thoroughly complying with the quarantine guidelines," said KBO in a statement.

Fans get their temperature checked upon entry and are required to wear a face mask throughout the game. No food or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the stands. Chanting, singing and loud cheers are also discouraged.